Feature testing: Upgrade cards

We’ve heard that it’s difficult to upgrade to a newer version of the CHT when there are UI/UX changes due to the in-person training costs associated with it.

Our team has been exploring different ways to solve for this opportunity, including remote group learning and in-app training tasks, and have most recently been conducting usability testing around upgrade cards.

Upgrade cards are cards that users will see on upgrade to explain what has changed in their app. They will include images and brief descriptions for each change and will instruct users to contact their supervisor for support if necessary.

We’ve tested a few design iterations with users (nurses, supervisors, administrators) and are feeling confident in our latest version, however, we would love to get our prototype in front of the eyes of more CHWs.

Our intention is that this feature might be a cost and labour effective way to support the learnability of the CHT’s UI/UX, and program workflow and configuration changes as well.

If anyone is interested in joining and contributing to this initiative, please leave a comment!


These mock ups look great, this is such a practical solid improvement! :star_struck:


Hi Nicole,

This looks like a very useful feature. So what would be our contribution should we choose to join this initiative?


Hi Imran,

Appreciate the for the reply and positive feedback :slightly_smiling_face:. Right now we are looking to get this in front of more CHWs, whether through more prototype testing or working with us directly to get it deployed

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Hi Nicole,

We will be happy to test it with some of our supervisors and their respective CHWs. How can I access this in the app? Is there a test branch that I can clone?

That’s great news! So far we’ve been testing this clickable prototype via remote facilitated usability sessions.

Is this something we could use to test with your team? It requires online access. If so, I’d love to share our test plan and help facilitate, and if not I’m happy to find an alternative way we can make it work (perhaps with paper prototypes instead).

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts @iesmail

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Chiming in late here, but I wanted to say I love where this is headed. A question - will it be possible to embed a form or questions in the upgrade cards, or link an upgrade card to a form? I ask because it could be really powerful to ask the question “Do these changes make sense, or would like like to contact your supervisor for further support?” If most people affirm that the changes make sense, it could aid adoption of fully-remote upgrades.


Isaac! Excited to hear your feedback; this is definitely something we considered in design. In all of our of testing thus far, (which included a version where we provided the option for users to confirm or contact support) everyone has gone straight into using the app, even if unsure. For MVP we’ll likely ask users to contact their supervisors directly and track how many do, then create an affordance for it if needed :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great to hear you’ve been testing all these options, bravo for such thorough design work :raised_hands: