January 2023 CHT Round-up call recording and notes

Thank you to those who managed to join our January 2023 CHT Round-up call, it was exciting to see new faces on the call. Here is the link to the call recording and brief notes from the call.

Agenda 1- Alert Niger project Community story presentation on deploying health facility event based surveillance workflows to support surveillance for potential epidemics

Agenda 2- CHT product management updates
a) CHT UI/UX evolution
One of the key areas the Care team has been focussing on lately is to make sure that CHT is easy for health workers to learn and use. To do that, the team has been updating the CHT UI so that the UI is familiar and consistent with other android areas. These changes have been split into 6 stages, 4 have been completed and 2 are remaining:

  • In CHT v3.17, updates were made on how users interact with filters and search features.
  • In CHT v4.1 updates were made on how bulk delete works.
  • The next update addresses secondary actions like edit, delete and export, these changes are planned to be in CHT v4.2.
  • There are 2 remaining stages, the next one will move additive actions like creating people and submitting into floating action button (FAB) the last stage will update how navigation works

b) In-app training cards
The in-app training cards provide a way to remotely train health workers, the cards are completely customizable and they can also be used to train health workers on new CHT features and improvements such as updates to user interface and changes to workflow. The in-app cards were initially made available as a feature release for CHT v3.15 and they have been deployed in a couple of live projects and it has worked really well. Based on the success of that and a lot of interest from other projects, the in-app training will be available in one of the CHT v4.x releases.

c) Supervisor CHW create
The Supervisor CHW Create feature will enable a supervisor to create both a contact and a user for an existing area. A supervisor fills a contact form which will help create a user, the changes will be updated once a supervisor synchronizes data and the created CHW needs data to access the app for the first time. The video demonstrating the feature is available here.

d) Sustainability index
This year the Allies team will be working on developing a sustainability index. This will be used to assess where the CHT self hosted deployments are in terms of creating, updating, modifying, maintaining and operating the technical systems. Sustainability for any topic or category will mean that a partner is able to perform the specific task without getting support from Medic.

Agenda 3- CHT Core product release updates.
a. CHT v4.1.0
CHT v4.1 was released on December 12, 2022, this release has following features:

  • Bulk delete of reports redesign.
  • Users can have multiple roles configured.
  • CHW Offline replace, where a supervisor can replace a CHW without connectivity.
  • Reordering the hamburg menu so that the log out is not next to the sync.
    Please read the CHT v4.1.0 release notes for full details

Agenda 4- Community introductions
We were privileged to have the following community members and technical partners introduce themselves:

  • @Nekesa joined Medic in mid December 2022 as the Director of Community. She is looking forward to continuing supporting CHT technical partners, Ministries of Health and community members to adopt community best practices.
  • The MSF team is currently implementing the MSFeCare programme. The MSFeCARE team has been able to build the MSFeCare tool, this is a CHT based tool that has clinical algorithms for vaccinations which can support health care workers in clinical decision making. Thank you @Job_Isabai and Norah (Nora.MEZIANI@geneva.msf.org) for sharing with the CHT community insights on MSFeCare program, we are looking forward to hearing from you on the program updates in the near future.
  • The ICM Philippines team has designed and deployed the CHAMP app, a CHT based app that is currently being used by 1,200 Community Health Champions (CHC) to deliver doorstep equitable healthcare services among ultra poor communities living in the Philippines. Thank you Jonathan (jonathan.masalonga@caremin.com) and Manish for sharing with the CHT community the great work your team is doing in the Philippines.

It was great connecting with you all and we look forward to seeing you at our next CHT Round-up call on February 9, 2023.

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