Feature Testing: Supervisor CHW Create

The Allies team is excited to present our first Feature Release of the new year - Supervisor CHW Create! It allows supervisors to create both a contact and a user for an existing place. Like the sibling feature, Offline User Replace (now avail. in CHT 4.1.0!), this feature allows supervisors to onboard CHWs in an ad hoc manor without the need to go through a potentially lengthy process of coordinating with a CHT administrator at a central office.

Noteworthy, while this demo was completed in a desktop browser, this feature is 100% compatible with CHTs offline first features. While users will not exist until the supervisor synchronizes, and the CHW needs connectivity to log in the first time, all other process can be completed offline and be synchronized at a later time.

If you’re excited to try out the today, install and usage instructions are on GitHub. We’re still refining some specifics of implementation and installation, but we welcome feedback!

Here’s a three and half minute video demonstrating the feature:



great work @mrjones! this is a feature we really need for the eCHIS UG.
After watching the demo i realized it works by sending a login sms to the VHT. Is it possible to just create credentials and share those with the VHT rather than sms?. especially for projects that dont use sms.

Sorry @jonathan - this feature is currently not available for deployments that don’t use outbound messaging like SMS.

If SMS is hard or costly to do, often many CHWs use WhatsApp which might be a lower cost way to send the token logins? I see there’s ways of integrating this into RapidPro.

Finally, what version is eCHIS UG on? This feature will likely ship in CHT 4.2.0 or 4.3.0.