July 2022 CHT Round-up call recording and notes

Thank you so much for your participation, engagement and thoughtful feedback at our July 2022 CHT Round-up call. Here is the link to access the call recording and summarized notes from the Round-up call.

Agenda 1- A community story presented by the Malaria Consortium project team on Buikwe mHealth project

Agenda 2- CHT Product design updates.

a) Training cards

The training card feature is now available as a feature release. Training cards can help partners and community members train users remotely; the training cards can be used for refresher training on CHT form changes and CHT core updates. The product team is actively looking for community members to test and implement the feature and help iterate on it to make it even better.

b) CHT UI/UX evolution context

The Medic product team has been designing, testing and developing updates to the user interface and experience design of the CHT. In this call the product team shared with the community the reasons the team is designing and developing the UI/UX updates, how this is being done and what to expect in the next few months.

  • Why the product team is working on CHT user interface updates- the team would like to support improved learnability for new and existing users by ensuring that CHT aligns with Android UX and material design patterns that are familiar with most app users. This will also help to improve the CHT scalability by ensuring a mobile first framework has the capability to support more use cases and functionality
  • How the team is doing it- The team designs the UI/UX prototypes of the proposed CHT updates which are tested with users and changes are made on the prototypes as needed depending on the feedback the team receives from the users. The proposed CHT changes and updates are usually posted on the CHT forum and community members are encouraged to share feedback.
  • What’s next- there will be preliminary and incremental updates so as to not overwhelm the CHT users.

c) Bulk user upload feature

The Bulk user upload feature allows CHT admin users to manage users in a bulk capacity in a spreadsheet and easily upload the spreadsheet on CHT, this provides an alternative way to doing it via the CHT conf way. This feature has been successfully tested by partners and it will be released in CHT v3.16. If you are interested in testing this feature, please reach out to @mrjones.

Agenda 3- CHT core features and CHT Releases updates

a) Purging feature

CHT is an offline first application, offline users are expected to download documents on their devices and this enables them to work offline without accessing the server. This type of setup makes users have a lot of documents on their devices which might affect the performance of the devices. Purging feature was introduced to remove unneeded documents from user’s devices, but these records are still available in the server for online analytics and impact metrics. An earlier version of purging (CHT v3.3.0) used to happen on client devices which was heavy on devices and disruptive, with CHT v3.7.0 server side purging was introduced which moved the purging activity on the server side. In CHT v3.14 purging has been modified to ignore contacts that have more than 20,000 associated documents and also log errors that may arise during the purging process. More documentation on purging is available here.

Before purging is configured you need to define documents that need to be purged. To be able to come up with purging rules you need to have an excellent understanding of service delivery protocols for the specific use cases. One is not supposed to purge documents that are being relied upon to trigger a task in future. Thanks @Jane_Katanu and @jonathan for sharing with the community the best practices for implementing purging rules and demoing to the community how the purging can be configured.

b) CHT v3.16 release

CHT v 3.16 is coming up and it will have following features and improvements: bulk user upload feature, translatable admin UI and the ability to more easily upgrade to feature releases.

If you have any questions, please post them here.

We look forward to your presence at our next CHT Round-up call on 11/08/2022.