Feature testing: Bulk user creation redux

Many of you will remember that the Allies team was getting feedback on earlier idea around bulk user creation. In that first attempt, we were considering a way to for CHT admins to add 1-5 users at a time.

After listening to both internal and external feedback, we’ve developed a Feature Release which has an interface allowing CHT admins to take achieve the following goals:

  • Creating up to 1,000s of users in a spreadsheet
  • Automatically create secure passwords, lookup parent IDs, use drop downs for things like gender in the spreadsheet
  • Upload the spreadsheet directly into the CHT Admin UI, after exporting to CSV
  • Error reporting to enable easily fixing rows that need fixes
  • Skips previously imported rows to allow long lived inventory of user information
  • Optionally leverage a per user token login sent via SMS to ensure passwords are never stored insecurely.

To get a better idea of what this looks like, here’s a video showing the creation of two users in a spreadsheet and then simple admin UI to bulk user create these two users. Note that this video will start in the middle of a larger demo, but the bulk upload part is only 3 minutes of the 12 min video:


Deployments that use bulk user creation can choose the depth of the object creation by importing a CSV that can:

  • Only creates new users, attaching to existing contacts and existing places
  • Create new users attached to new contacts which attach to existing places
  • Create new users attached to new contacts attached to new places, but the new place must still have an existing parent place specified

If you’re on CHT 3.15.0 now and are interested in trying out this Feature Release, please let us know! You can post a comment here or email me directly.


@mrjones, @oyierphil is interested in testing and deploying the bulk user creation feature.

That’s great news @antony !

@oyierphil - we’re working on 3.16.0 which will have this feature and corresponding docs, but if you want to test it today, we have Feature Release docs publicly available now.

Please let us know if you have any questions!