June 2022 CHT Round-up call recording and notes

We would like to thank you for your continued participation in our CHT Round-up calls and your contribution to the growth of the CHT community. Here is the link to the call recording and summarized notes from the call.

Agenda 1- A Community story from the Muso Mali project team on updating the Muso Mali project hierarchy

Agenda 2- CHT product management updates.
a) Usability report: floating action button and navigation.
In April 2022, Product teammates from Medic conducted a field visit in Arua (Uganda). While in the field the team tested with users the new designs for navigation of the CHT which included floating action button (FAB) and updating the action bar to an action button. Here is the brief overview of the key findings:

  • Users were familiar with the FAB concept and it is easily learnable for those users who are not familiar with the FAB.
  • Majority of users appreciated the use of large iconography on CHT.
  • Moving tabs from the top of the page to the bottom was easy for users to understand.
  • Most of the users were not familiar with the concept of sliding side navigation.

More details about the study findings is available in the full report . The team is hoping to speak to more community members to gather more feedback.

The Product team has also started to gather feedback on the updated design for CHT filters; the proposed filter updates are mobile first, more scalable and simplifies the filtering experience. Please reach directly to @Nicole_Orlowski if you would like to share feedback on the proposed CHT filters updates.

b) CHT training card feature
This feature makes it easier to update CHT apps and provides an in-app training experience for users that can be customized to meet specific users needs. With this feature it is possible to train users remotely on CHT core updates, changes in the forms and to also conduct refresher training. The content of the changes can be configured and users can learn about those changes directly in the app. Training content is handled the same way forms are handled in the app; it is configured using xforms notation, forms are downloaded to the phone in the background, completed training forms are accessible on the report tab and in Postgres. This feature will be available as a feature release; this release will include this update and any other changes/training needs that users should be trained on. The Medic Product team will work closely with the community members to help design, configure, deploy and monitor the training cards. Please reach out to @michael if you would like to test and configure the CHT training card.

c) Bulk user upload feature
The Product team have developed a new feature called the bulk user upload feature, this feature allows a CHT admin to create CHT users in a spreadsheet and upload them on CHT creating both the users and contact entities in CHT. This provides an alternate path to doing it via the CHT conf way . In the call @mrjones demoed to the community how users are added on the spreadsheet, the spreadsheet can be programmed to automatically populate other fields. The csv is exported and uploaded into CHT, creating a contact and a user for each user.

The Product team is looking for volunteers to test this on CHT v3.15, please reach out to @ashley if you are interested in testing this feature.

Agenda 3- Technical partner community introduction
Digital Health Applied Research Center (DHARC) is hosted at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, the center supports Health informatics governance and data analytics in Kenya. Recently the DHARC team conducted a study where they used CHT to enhance COVID-19 and TB testing and linkage to care among motorcycle riders in 4 counties in Kenya. 5000 participants were enrolled in the study and tested for TB and COVID-19. In the study, the team experienced a few challenges, this included: users’ mobile devices being slow because of many documents and challenges in setting up the hierarchy. Thank you @oyierphil for sharing Kenya’s motorcycle riders study experience, the CHT community members will follow up with your team to support you in setting up the CHT hierarchy and guide you on how purging rules can be implemented on CHT.

It was great connecting with you all and we look forward to seeing you at our next CHT Round-up call on 14/07/2022.