Muso Mali project hierarchy change: A community story presented in June's CHT Round-up call

The Muso Mali project team working in collaboration with the Ministry of Health of Mali and Medic have designed a community based healthcare system model which empowers CHWs, supervisors and facility focal persons with the Muso app that supports delivery of health care services. The aim of the Muso Mali project is to reduce maternal child mortality and deliver universal healthcare services. To date, over 500 users are currently using the MUSO app to support the delivery of comprehensive community health care services in Bankass and Yirmadjo sites in Mali.

In our June CHT Round-up call, the Muso Mali project team shared with the community members the steps and the process they undertook to change the hierarchy of the Muso Mali project. Thank you @Victor_ZUGADI, @Gilbert, @Tmadben, @binod and @Marina for sharing valuable insights of the process of changing the hierarchy of an existing project.

Here is the recording of the Muso Mali project hierarchy change presentation.

If you have any questions or comments about Muso’s work in Mali, please post them here.

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