September 2022 CHT Round-up call recording and notes

Thank you all for taking the time to join our September 2022 CHT Round-up call. Here is the link to access the Round-up call recording and below are summarized notes from the call.

Agenda 1- A community story presented by the Living Goods team on deploying family planning workflows.

Agenda 2- CHT product management updates
a) An overview of CHT UI changes
On the reports tab, changes have been made on how filters and search work. The main goal of this update is to align CHT with the android material design standards so that CHT uses familiar design patterns that aligns with other apps that health workers use on their phones. This will help with overall scalability, bring consistency to CHT and make it easier for users to use CHT. The product team is also working on how the search feature works on the contact and report tabs. More details on filter design changes are available here. Please feel free to share your thoughts, feedback and comments on the forum posts.

To facilitate training of users on the new UI updates, the team has provided a mechanism to train users using in-app training cards that will help to prompt users to complete the training. The training cards are customizable to partners’ needs. The old version of UI will be available for a period of time, the UI changes can be rolled out overtime in cohorts, this will be controlled by permissions.

b) Other CHT product updates
The Product team is working on adding breadcrumbs to the task tab, this will make it easier for users to know which household the task belongs to. The breadcrumbs will be available on CHT v3.17.

The team recently published documentation on using stock monitoring on CHT, the documentation provides guidance on designing stock monitoring workflows in CHT. The team is still doing a lot of work in understanding the needs of the various projects in preparation to do some focussed work on stock monitoring in future.

c) Offline user replace
This feature enables a supervisor to replace a CHW with no connectivity using the same phone. The Supervisor will replace a CHW by submitting a contact form, in the contact the supervisor enters the admin code and the new CHW information. The admin code prevents unauthorized use of the contact form by CHW. The new CHW can continue to deliver care, once the new CHW syncs data the new reports will be parented to the new user. It is possible to configure on CHT to enable the new CHW to receive a token login that a CHW can use to access the app without entering the username and password. Here is the forum post with more details on offline user replace feature, the post has videos and updates on the feature.

Agenda 3- CHT core product features, improvements and releases
a) CHT v3.16 release
CHT v3.16 was released on August 10, 2022. The version makes it possible for users to translate the admin interface and allows users to import CSV files to be able to create bulk users. Please read the CHT v3.16 release notes for full details.

b) CHT v3.17 is coming up
The version will have the following improvements:

  • The bulk upload feature will be improved to set the primary contact.
  • Filter redesign updates.
  • Text icons and text labels will be available at the bottom of the screen.
  • Public privacy policy will be available for compliance with the PlayStore.

Agenda 4- Q & A and feedback session
Question 1- for the offline user replace feature, are details of the CHW user area updated when the CHW details are changed?
Response- In the current setup the details are not updated.

Question 2- how does magic links work on CHT to support users to access CHT apps.
Response- CHT can be configured to send magic links (token login) to users via SMS, this functionality requires the messaging gateway to be set up . When users click on the magic link they immediately log into CHT without the username and password . The magic links are only valid for one user and for 24 hours. Here is the documentation on using magic links for logging in.

Question 3- how can a user change primary contact?
Response- a user can edit the contact information using the edit form. Here is the video illustration of how a user can update the details of a primary contact.

Question 4- why is a supervisor not able to use a supervisor app to replace the CHW?
Response- the offline user replace feature can be used when a supervisor would like to replace a CHW with no connectivity, the supervisor and the CHW will not be required to synchronize data for the changes to be effected.

Question 5- when will the CHT v4.0.0 be released and how many users will CHT v4.0.0 support?
Response- the Product team is aiming to have it ready by the end of September 2022 and the team is in the process of running the tests to get the numbers and they will share them once they have them. Here is the September 2022 progress update on CHT v4.0.0 and a forum post on additional scalability testing for CHT v4.0.0.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our next CHT Round-up call on October 13, 2022