Changing the primary contact on a household

During the roundup call today there was a question about changing the primary contact of a household. Below is a short video illustrating how this is done… and you can find the “Edit” form here as a reference. Feel free to join the discussion here if you have more questions or comments about this. (cc: @Kymoraa)


Thank you for sharing this @michael
I tried this on my end, but unfortunately when I click on edit a family, I don’t get those options. This is what I have instead. Just the option to change the name.

I am on an instance that has been upgraded to v3.16.

Hi @michael,

I am using this form to edit the household on version 3.13.

When I hit submit, the form disappears from the UI and I get the following error on my console wbich indicates that the household which was being edited no longer exists.

@Kymoraa you would have to update your form. Check out the “PLACE_TYPE-edit.xls” form in the directory I linked above… You’ll notice it supports editing the Primary Contact.

Thank you @michael
I had missed the link to the edit form you shared. I will be trying it with the changes suggested :slight_smile:

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@iesmail did you load the entire default config or did you just pick up the clinic-edit form and load that onto an existing environment? Or maybe you at least used the corresponding clinic-create form?

@michael, I just picked up place-type-edit and made the following changes.

  1. Change calculate field on line 35 to clinic.
  2. Change the calculate field on line 37 to clinic.
  3. Change the form_id under settings to contact:clinic:edit