Advancing access to family planning services at the community level: A community story presented by the Living Goods team

Working side-by-side with implementers and committed government, Living Goods saves lives by supporting digitally empowered community health workers (CHWs) to help families in need easily get the care they need. The Smart Health App (SHA) is a mobile application that has been designed and developed by the Living Goods team, the app has workflows that support decision support to CHWs during service delivery. The Living Goods team tested the family planning (FP) strategy in 2017, in this pilot sixty (60) CHWs were trained on FP, equipped with FP job aids and the SHA to help them provide FP services at the community level. The introduction of the FP workflows led to the overall improvement of the CHW performance; more details about the FP digital health pilot is available here. Following the successful pilot, the FP workflows have been adopted and scaled to additional Living Goods supported sites.

In our September 2022 CHT Round-up call , the Living Goods team shared with the community the experience, challenges and lessons learned from deploying the FP workflows. Thank you Anita (, Allan ( and @Patrick_K for the great presentation.

Here is the recording of the Living Goods community story presentation. If you have any questions about this work, please post them here.