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What do the various `source` types represent on reports 6 October 31, 2019
How can I debug the values of a XForm in progress? 3 October 11, 2019
What do the geolocation collection errors mean in terms of actual device (phone) settings? 2 July 16, 2019
Can you associate an icon to a xml form? 2 July 16, 2019
Is it possible to prevent editing for some forms but allow it for others? 2 July 16, 2019
How to create a new form? 1 May 18, 2017
A CHW uses textforms to report values using codes (eg: 1 = alive but unwell). In the response to this report, can we include the value that the code refers to? 1 April 10, 2017
Can we restrict the ability to submit a specific form by a user based on where in the hierarchy the user falls? 1 February 14, 2017
Can we record the timestamp when a form is submitted? 1 September 22, 2016
Can you prefill an xform? 1 September 1, 2016
What determines how we set the context json file for an XLSForm upload? 2 August 30, 2016