Constraining a select-contact causes 1st form page to be completely inaccessible

We’ve recently been asked to restrict household heads to above 9 years old. This prompted us to constrain the appropriate select-contact search field as such.

We found that loading a old record, where a < 9 year old household head was saved, causes the first page of the form to be inaccessible.

The first screen of the form normally:

The second screen of the form normally:

Editing the “member test” date_of_birth in the db to an age that fails our constraint results in the following page being shown first:

Notice that there’s no previous button.

The affected form can be found here.

Well here we are again… :sob:

Logged a bug for this. Constraint violations are not properly handled when loading contact data on a separate page…

The only workaround I have found for this is to move your contact selector to the first page. If you did that, I think everything would function as expected even if the constraint gets violated.

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Once again, thank you so much for the detailed report and recreation steps! This was a tricky one to pin down and it was very helpful to be able to reference your form!