"start" & "end" XLSForm Meta Fields returns same value

Per the this CHT documentation, we hoped to calculate the duration a form takes to complete.

element description
start A timestamp of when the form entry was started, which occurs when the form is fully loaded.
end A timestamp of when the form entry ended, which is when the user hits the Submit button.

However when implemented on a contact form, in our case a household, they seems to capture the same value - when the form was initially opened.


We can probably use the "reported_date": 1711459816096, (which resolves to Tuesday, March 26, 2024 3:30:16.096 PM GMT+02:00) as a fallback, but hoped to use these built in questions.

Are we perhaps following an incorrect approach?

I know anytime I see a post from you about form stuff I am in for some interesting debugging… :sweat_smile:

Once again, you appear to be running into an unintended bug! I have logged an issue with more details:

As always, thank you so much for reporting this! It is super helpful to have these detained descriptions of things that are not working like you expect.

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Haha sorry about that :sweat_smile:… we hope to start being the barer of good news rather than bad in the near future!

Of course, any time, thank you as always for being so attentive in looking into this!
As noted above, we can get by using the reported_date in the interim :slight_smile: .


During our tests, we’ve noticed that the reported_date is only captured upon record creation, and not updated again. While this isn’t a problem, and I’m assuming it’s intended behavior, it does mean that calculating form completion on the “contact edit forms” isn’t really possible.
Just a heads up :slight_smile: .

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Hi @Anro

This is correct, reported_date is not updated when the report is edited.

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