Is it possible for a Contact Edit form to trigger the Mute action?

We normally see Muting implemented by having a dedicated app form, but I’m curious if it’s possible to Mute someone using an “Edit Contact” form. (This is just a hypothetical situation that came up, not a specific project need).

The documentation for configuring Muting says that it just requires an array of “form codes”, and the “forms” documentation also says that there are 4 different types of forms (contact, app, collect, json), so I assume “person_edit” (and the appropriate validations for example) could be a valid form code to trigger Muting, but just wanted to confirm since Contacts are conceptually quite different from App Forms.

Hi @michael

Editing a contact cannot trigger muting. The forms in the documentation refer to app forms, not to contact forms.
However adding a contact does trigger muting for that contact, if the contact’s parent is already muted.

Cool, thanks @diana. What about Collect and JSON forms, can they be used for Muting? I will update the Muting documentation but want to be 100% sure and clear on what is supported.

Hi @michael

Muting is triggered when a data_record is received that has a form property that is configured to trigger muting. This can even be a form that doesn’t exist and the data_record can be created as a secondary document in another form.

This can be any form that creates a data_record. Contact forms are the only forms that do not create data_records.

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