Link facility not visible in CHT App, despite hierarchy and contact forms available

We are developing a DSS tool to assist Clinicians with a simple hierarchy:
National Office->County Office->Link facility, from where we will have heath_workers (clinicians) as users
Place hierarchy is as follows:
“national_office”, DHARC for our case
“county_office”, Kisumu
“link_facility” ???

Contact types with associated forms is as follows:
national_office ->national_officer; county_office ->county_focal_person; link_facility → health_worker

I can create the National office and County office, option for creating link facility missing, any ideas?

Welcome back to the forum @oyierphil.

Can you please share which version of CHT it is?

In the screenshot above, it looks like you are on the DHARC (National Office).

Do you still not see the option to create a Link Facility when you go to Kusumu?

If that is the case, please check if you have the correct contact forms. You can see them in App Management > Forms.

@binod, I have checked the forms in App management and found more forms that the ones I pushed.
I thus deleted all the forms and uploaded afresh only the contacts highlighted above, I can now create and see the link facility, thank you.