Feature Testing: Monitoring and Alerting

Hi all!

Allies is excited to announce we’ve begun development of a monitoring and alerting solution using best in class tools. The solution is available for CHT 3.12.0 and later and only requires you to run a simple docker-compose up command to get started. We say this is “best in class” because it uses Grafana and Prometheus which are not only easy to configure for cases like the CHT, but come with a ton of out of the box monitoring. Right now we’re focused on just the CHT, but it should be trivial to add support for for Docker, CouchDB, RapidPro and more! Finally, if there’s other custom metrics deployments are looking to track, it will be easy to capture and show these with out impacting the de-facto ones Medic is shipping.

Right now this feature has a public ticket tracking its active development. If you’re looking to try it out today, head over to this branch in the newly created repository and check out the readme - we welcome any early feedback (it is safe to run against production)! Finally, to give some more background on each of the metrics, there’s a draft for some the documentation we’re looking to publish.

If you prefer a video demonstration instead, here’s a ~4 minute video walking through set up and initial deployment:



Hi all!

I wanted to followup the above post with two announcements:

  • The testing branch mentioned above has been released (merged main \o/) and is ready for use in production
  • The documentation on how to set this up is now public as well

We welcome any questions or feedback! We’re going to continue to improve CHT monitoring and alerting in the repository, so please keep an eye our for future additions!