April 2023 CHT Round-up call recording and notes

Thank you for your participation and engagement at the April 2023 CHT Round-up call. You can access the call recording through the link. Below are notes from the call.

Agenda 1 - Interoperability

With interoperability different health systems and applications can communicate with each other. Interoperability enables to view, exchange, and use patient data across different platforms. Hence, it can improve care coordination, reduce medical errors, and increase the efficiency of healthcare delivery.The Ecosystem team has been working on interoperability with the CHT. You can find documentation on interoperability in the CHT documentation website here. A technical working group composed of members from Medic and Ona, LG and Dimagi explored possible use cases for interoperability between Community Health Information Systems and identified a type of use case that was a good start which was the Loss To Follow Up workflow (LTFU). You can also read more in a forum post about interoperability with the CHT, which provides an overview of the tools and standards used to create an interoperability layer in the CHT.

Agenda 2 - Floating Action Button (FAB)

The new UI has a floating action button (FAB) at bottom right. The CHT version 4.2 no longer contains action buttons in the bottom bar. Some of the secondary items like edit and delete are moved up into the menu icon in top right. And other action buttons are added into the FAB. These changes align more with the android material experience. The new UI changes do not impact any of the functionality of action buttons but only changes how they were accessed. You can notice these changes in the People tab of the CHT app. In the Reports tab, the new version of UI has a drawer that slides down from the top right to access the filter conditions. In the Message tab, the earlier CHT version had the send message functionality on the action bar whereas in newer versions of UI, a FAB is located at the bottom right. For more details and demo, please look at the recording.

Agenda 3 - Quarterly insights - 2023 Q1 User research findings

The Care teams and Allies team have been continuously working to speak with CHWs, supervisors, and other caregivers to sample their experiences with CHT. After speaking to these users in the interviews, the findings are synthesized into insights.The insights from these experiences help to understand areas of opportunities and improvements of CHT. In the 7 interviews conducted in Q1 of 2023, the Care Teams group heard about users finding difficulty to navigate UI as well as other related issues.

Similarly, in the 4 interviews conducted by the Allies Team group in Q1 of 2023, the team heard about the difficulties in testing purging rules and other issues. You can learn more about findings in the recording as well as the CHT forum post here.

Agenda 4 - Monitoring and Alerting

Using “best in class” solutions with Grafana and Prometheus development of a monitoring and alerting solution is available for CHT 3.12.0 and later. Grafana is used for the front end which allows you to render different panels and the backend with Prometheus allows you to ingest all the data coming from your CHT instance. You can find more on monitoring and alerting in the CHT documentation website here. In addition to the demo and details in April round-up recording, there is an existing CHT forum post with a demo.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to this post. We look forward to seeing you at the next CHT Round-up call on May 11, 2023.