August 2023 CHT Round-up call recording and notes

Thank you for your invaluable presence and insights during the August 2023 CHT Round-up call. Here is the link to access the Round-up call recording and below are summarized notes from the call.

Agenda 1 - PIH Malawi CHT usability report
The Cares team and the Partners in Health Malawi project team recently conducted a user feedback session, usability tests and a focused group discussion with CHWs supporting the PIH Malawi project. During the feedback session, the teams covered the latest UI updates including training cards, floating action button and upcoming CHT navigation updates. The goal of the tests was to understand the learnability of CHT changes and sample end users’ reactions to the changes. Some of the key findings from the usability tests included: most CHWs have never used the training cards before and the training card concepts and content needed to be explained initially. Secondly, CHWs were given a task that required them to use the floating action button from their learning on the training card, the majority of users were able to use the new UI correctly after going through the training cards and they rated the task as very easy. Most CHWs found the new floating action button easier to use than the previous action bar. The CHWs were also shown the prototypes of the new navigation in a focussed group discussion, these updates included tabs moving from the top of the screen to the bottom as well as changes in the page titles, all the participants who were in the discussion group were quite receptive to the changes and they noted that the changes didn’t affect the co-functionalities of the the app so the learning curve would not be very steep. More details on the usability report are available in this forum post.

Agenda 2 - CHT Product updates
2a) Latest OKRs
OKRs are usually set on a quarterly basis, the CHT Roadmap is dictated by the quarterly OKRs. The CHT Roadmap has improvements and features the Product team is working on either now or later.
In 2023 Q3, the four Focused Working Groups will be working on the following OKRs:

  • The Cares team is working on user analytics and this work is likely to inform on what the team will be working on in the coming quarters.
  • The Allies team will be working on form debugging, helping App Developers to work through forms and logic in an easier way.
  • The Infrastructure team is working on CHT scalability.
  • The Ecosystem team is working on a better way to get data into a place where it can be visualized in a dashboard in a more scalable way for high volume data.

For more details, go through the CHT Roadmap which is in a Githib format, please feel free to share your comments on any of the OKRs.

2b) CHT Usage analytics.
The Cares team has built a CHT usage analytics to help the team gain insights on how users are interacting with CHT. With the usage analytics data, the team expects to inspire other questions that the team can focus some of the qualitative research questions on. The team has integrated the CHT with Matomo; an open source product analytics platform. Using Matomo one can view when health workers are using CHT, peak time of usage of CHT, total page views and unique page views . The CHT usage analytics dashboard has a feature that shows the page transitions in CHT which can help one understand the usage of certain CHT features and how users are navigating through the app. The Matomo dashboard also shows the path in several steps that users take when they use CHT. The Cares team would like to work with partners to make insights available to the health systems various partners are working on. Please reach out to @michael either on the forum or directly ( if you would like to understand how users are interacting with CHT.

2c) CHT watchdog and Allies OKR in Q3
The CHT Watchdog has continued to evolve, Watchdog v1.8.2 was released recently, with the latest Watchdog release it is possible to add Postgres instance to not only get cough2pg backlog but also be able to query Postgres to get custom metrics. This update is useful for projects using Klipfolio or Superset dashboards to know when the data is potentially out of date.

In Q3, the Allies team will be working on Enketo uplift to the latest Enketo version in CHT core. The team has already started working on this and the upgrade is expected to increase the performance of CHT especially for complex forms that have a lot of logic.

2d) CHT interoperability academy course
The Ecosystems team has completed working on the CHT interoperability academy course, the course will be added to the CHT academy courses. The course showcases the Interoperability work the Ecosystem team worked on in Q1 2023; how mediators were created, the standards adopted and the proof of concept for CHT interoperability. The team is currently working on deploying the interoperability work to production with KenyaEMR, the Ecosystems team will also be collaborating with the OpenMRS community to build a reference app for CHT_OpenMRS.

2e) Reliable and scalable dashboards.
To help get accurate and near real time data visualizations, the Ecosystems team has built the CHT Sync. CHT Sync replaces the current Cough2pg and it is designed to efficiently and constantly update analytics databases in near real time, CHT Sync retrieves data from CouchDB and replicates it to PostgreSQL. The Ecosystems team is currently working with one of the partners to deploy CHT Sync and CHT Pipeline to production and they will be sharing their learnings soon.

If you have any questions, please post them here, we look forward to seeing you at the next CHT Round-up call on September 14, 2023.