PIH Malawi project: A community story presented in our August 2022 CHT Round-up call

The Partners in Health (PIH) Malawi project team is currently implementing a CHW household model in Malawi. Under the CHW household model, 1233 CHWs who are based in Neno District support in screening of household members and refer some cases to health facilities, especially household members who are suspected to be having potentially specific health conditions. Since 2018, PIH has partnered with Medic to develop and deploy the Yenadanafe mobile app to support CHWs, supervisors and the project team deliver quality community health services. To date, 629 CHWs have been trained on the Yendanafe app and are currently using the app.

In our August 2022 CHT Round-up call, the PIH project team presented and demonstrated to the CHT community how the Yendanafe app is currently being used by CHWs to screen clients for HIV, refer clients to facilities for HIV testing, support site supervisors to enroll clients in HIV care and trace HIV clients.

Here is the recording of the PIH community story presentation

Thank you Funny (fkamanga@pih.org), @Jenny, @elijah and the PIH project team for sharing in-depth insights on how the Yendanafe mobile app supports delivery of HIV services in a community and facility settings.

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