Experience with bulk deleting reports?

Do you have experience using the bulk delete feature or have you heard feedback on how it’s used, and by whom? This is likely next on what we’re addressing in our UI evolution. We’d love to do a deeper exploration on its current state and chat more with folks with whom it might affect.

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Some past issues I’ve found related to bulk deleting:

Also contains related info

It seems like users are using this feature to delete test reports from training instances that go to production on both desktop (admins, project managers) and mobile devices (CHWs)

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I am trying to delete the reports but the bulk reports delete feature is not working as expected when I select the reports quickly.
I am trying this on CHT version 3.16.1.
I selected 6 reports one after another, then I clicked the “delete all” option. After that, the following error was shown: “Error deleting document”
However, if I select one report, then wait until the spinner goes away, and then select the next report, and so on, bulk delete works after that. It takes several seconds for the spinner to disappear after selecting each report, so it takes a long time to select many reports.

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Thanks @Bhishan_KC . I was able to recreate this issue (in 3.17.0 and 4.1.0) under these conditions…

  1. Online user
  2. Slow connection (throttled my browser to “Slow 3G”)
  3. Mobile view (single pane)

Are those the same conditions you had?

It seems to be only an issue on mobile and only happens because the selected reports aren’t loaded up yet. The issue doesn’t happen on desktop (double pane) view because the “Delete All” option doesn’t show up until it has what it needs.

I’ve created issue #8001 to track this.

Also to note, here are a few other related issues I found with bulk delete: #7300, #7883, and #7868.

Screen Recording 2022-12-22 at 9.50.52 AM