Trigger second form

Is it possible to automatically trigger or open a next form in a flow directly after submitting the previous form, without requiring the user to click on the next form/task explicitly?

No, I do not think that this is supported by the CHT. I have moved this thread to the #product group, though, as this is an interesting feature request! It would be great if you could share more details about the workflow challenges you are trying to address (and particularly how the the current tasks functionality does not meet your needs).

As a technical note, I do not think it would be very difficult to include this functionality in the CHT. The hard part would be to determine how to configure which new forms to trigger when a report is submitted…


Just wanted to also include some additional context from the broader ODK ecosystm. That thread raises some additional questions/features that should be considered (e.g. passing data to the new forms). Though, it is worth noting that the feedback from the ODK team on the thread was basically to propose using a single large form instead of triggering multiple smaller forms in sequence…

Thank you for your answer. We are currently trying to find a solution for a parallel flow which only gets triggered depending on a form output variable. In order for a smoother process, we thought it would be optimal if we could then trigger and open the first form of the parallel flow automatically when the criteria is met.

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