Show/Trigger a modal/dialog to display

Is it possible to show a dialog/modal that requires the user to take some action.
Similar to how the “update” dialog prompts the user when there has been a change.

We have two use cases:

  1. As soon as a household item is clicked in the places hierarchy navigation, and a certain condition is met, a dialog must show instructing the chw to do a recount of the household members listed for the property.
  2. In a xlsx form when a certain condition is met, such as the patient needing referral, a dialog is shown instructing the chw to convey this information.

For the latter it seems the only way to prompt a “next step is required” is to show a warning message in the page summary at the end - similar to how Uganda showcased in the recent round-up call.
We did have a look at the Trigger/acknowledge question type, and while it will work for the latter - we were hoping for something a bit more “disruptive” and prominent.
In the case of the former, it does not seem like a question can be implemented on a contact-summary screen.

I would be very interested to hear anyone else’s ideas here, but off the top of my head I can say that tasks are pretty much the most “disruptive” thing that you can configure to notify the user to take action.

Tasks associated with a particular contact will show up on that contact’s profile page. Additionally, a household tasks view can be enabled to provide the user with a complete list of all pending tasks for the current household.

Unfortunately, tasks are also currently the best way to trigger “next steps” based on input into a form. (Though there is growing conversation around the idea of being able to trigger additional forms).

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Agree with @jkuester that having a task for the recount (and enabling household tasks) would be the most CHT-driven way of doing it today, especially if you need some sort of confirmation that the count actually occurred.

While not as prominent as a pop-up, you could configure a condition card to show up on that household when the recount conditions are met. The condition card could be “cleared” by submitting an action form for the count.

Also, wonder if there is a way you could use UHC mode and reframe it as a recount instead of a visit?


Regarding #2 about popping a dialog during a form, @robinmurphy you might be interested to see my response on this thread about how such behavior could potentially be achieved via a custom Extension Lib!

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Thank you so much for all of the suggestions, it’s greatly appreciated.
I’m sure we will find a solution to our use case among these!