October 2022 CHT Round-up call recording and notes

Thank you to those who managed to join our October 2022 CHT Round-up call. Here is the link to the call recording and brief notes from the call.

Agenda 1: Product management updates
a) VHT survey findings
The Care team recently collaborated with the Guild Digital team to conduct a survey for Village Health Teams (VHTs) working in Kyaka 11 settlement in Uganda. The aim of the survey was to understand the VHTs experience and satisfaction with the UNCHR Uganda CHMIS app (this app is powered by CHT) and to identify future opportunities for improvements of CHT features. 27 VHTs who have previously used the app participated in the moderated survey. Generally most of the participants found the application easy to use, out of the 27 participants, only 2 participants rated the registration of households and household members as ‘difficult’. Majority of the VHTs also felt that the app met their needs either to a ‘great extent’ or ‘mostly’. More details about the VHT survey report is available here. As a follow up, the team will conduct generative interviews to help them have a deeper understanding of the VHT needs.
b) Allies Team update
In 2022 Q4, the Allies team will be working on planning for an upgrade and app changes, this includes being able to predict the changes when purging is implemented and measuring 3.x to 4.x upgrade metrics to make sure partners can plan for upgrades accordingly.

Agenda 2: CHT Product releases updates
a) CHT v3.17 release
CHT v3.17 was released on October 10, 2022, the following features are available on CHT v3.17:

  • The action button labels can be displayed on phones with low resolution, making it easier for users to understand what each button does.
  • Search and filters on Contacts and Report tabs have been updated to align with Android UX and material design patterns.
  • Breadcrumbs improvements are available which makes it easier for users to know which household and area a task belongs to.
  • The Privacy policy is now public on the login page, this aligns with the Google Play Store requirements.

The version also has lots of improvements and bug fixes, please read the release notes for full details.

b) CHT v4.0.0 progress updates.
CHT v4.0.0 has been merged to master branch in the public Github repository and the Product team is now focused on having the version out. The CHT v 4.0 preparation guide has been released, the guide has the specific steps that will guide partners to upgrade to CHT v4.0 or later version, the key items are:

  • Upgrade to CHT Android 1.0.0 or later.
  • Use the latest cht-conf.
  • Test the app forms in the uplifted Enketo, these changes are compatible with both v3.0 and v4.0, this means that v4.0 compatible forms can be deployed on v3.x instance.

Here are video’s comparing the CHT 3.x and 4.x Local Setup. Please reach out to @mrjones if you need support in setting up CHT v4.0.0 Alpha version.

It was great connecting with you and we look forward to seeing you at the next CHT Round-up call on November 10, 2022.