VHT Survey Report

User feedback is paramount within the product development process as it helps to create designs that are truly relevant, easy and intuitive. Village Health Teams (VHTs) form part of integral CHT users and hence understanding their needs will lead to design and development of a product that is desirable, useful, usable, findable and valuable. Medic collaborated with the Guild Digital team to conduct a VHT survey in Uganda.

Objective of the Survey

  • To understand the VHTs’ experience with the CHT app
  • To gauge VHTs’ satisfaction with the CHT app
  • To identify future opportunities for improvement of CHT features

A moderated survey was conducted with VHTs who have used the app previously. The survey was facilitated by Guild Digital staff. The session took approximately 30 minutes with each participant.

Survey Results and Discussion

Length of use of the app

Presently, there are two groups of VHTs using the CHT in the settlement environment. The first group comprises 27 VHTs who participated in a pilot earlier in the year, between March and June. These have been using the CHT app for about 6 months. The second group comprises 130 VHTs who were trained with CHT app for the first time in the first two weeks of September. These have been using the CHT app for less than a month.

The respondents for this survey were selected from these two groups. In this survey, we received 27 responses from VHTs. Out of 27 participants, 13 VHTs (48.1%) had used the CHT app for less than a month and another 8 VHTs(29.6%) had used the app between one and six months.

Usability of the application

We sought to understand how easy or difficult it is to use different sections of the app. From the results below, it is clear that the majority of the participants found most of the sections ‘very easy’ or ‘easy’ to use. Out of 27 participants, 2 rated registration of new households and editing of household members as “difficult” respectively. Additionally, 6 participants described deleting household members as “difficult” as well.

It is worth noting that the delete functionality on the app for this project has not been configured. The majority of these respondents, however, have used the app for less than a month and are still building their competence with the tool.

Intuitiveness and findability of the app

In terms of familiarity with the application, the results below show that the majority of participants understand some functionalities of the application and find them useful in their life as a VHT. However, there was one participant who was not sure of how to find a household.

The app’s degree of intuitiveness is evidently high. The selection criteria for VHTs in the settlement was not predicated on literacy or tech competence. However, despite only being trained for a week, the VHTs already felt familiar with the app.

Frequency of Support

We sought to understand the frequency at which the VHTs requested for support with the application from either their supervisors or other project administrators. We can see from the figure below that the majority of the participants had never requested or had only requested support once. A notable observation is that 2 out of the 27 participants reported that they requested assistance on a daily basis.

Usefulness of the CHT application

Next, we asked participants the extent to which the app met their needs. The results indicate that the majority of the participants felt the app met their needs either to a great extent or mostly. The CHT supported rCHMIS app is built to trigger tasks and prompt follow-up care actions from household registration. Each task has a detailed workflow that provides step by step guidance to care action completion.

Use of Paper Tools

We sought to understand the frequency of using paper tools alongside the app. 15 out 27 participants indicated that they never use paper tools which can be linked to above results where majority of the users reported the app met their needs to a great extent.

Next steps
The survey findings provide a general overview of the areas that need improvement on the CHT app. As a follow up, Medic will collaborate with the Guild Digital team to conduct generative interviews to deeply understand the VHTs’ needs.