CHT 4.0.0: Preperation for partners & alpha docker demo

Medic is hard at work on CHT 4.0.0 (see here and here) and there’s been some important updates that we wanted to share.

  1. We’ve just published a " Preparing to upgrade to CHT 4.0" guide. This guide walks you through, in very specific technical detail, the steps to ensure you’re prepared for the upgrade. The key items are:

    • Upgrade CHT Android 1.0.0 or later
    • Use the latest cht-conf
    • Test your app’s forms in the uplifted Enketo - this can be done easily with your 3.x development instance today
  2. The Medic Core Engineering and SRE teams have merged CHT 4.0.0 to the master branch in the public GitHub repository. Some of you noticed a few things were amiss - thank you! More importantly, this means that Medic teammates are working very hard on CHT 4.0.0 and that the public can start to see the fruits of our efforts.

  3. To this end, just yesterday, the CHT 4.0.0 Docker compose images for the Alpha version were made public. This means you can try out CHT 4.0.0 Alpha today! This is an Alpha release - do not run this in production. There’s just two steps:

    1. Run these two curl commands to download the two compose files:
      curl -s -o docker-compose_cht-core.yml && curl -s -o docker-compose_cht-couchdb.yml
    2. Run this docker-compose command to start everything up:
      COUCHDB_PASSWORD=password COUCHDB_USER=medic docker-compose -f docker-compose_cht-core.yml -f docker-compose_cht-couchdb.yml up

If you go to https://localhost, after you accept the self signed cert, you can log in with user medic and password password.

To see an example of what this looks, here’s 5 min video of me going from nothing to full CHT 4.0.0 Alpha instance.



Hi again! As a follow up to the week before last’s video, I wanted to show a more recent video that highlights the 3.x vs 4.x local setup. You can see the current 3.x local set up documentation, but we’re also working on the 4.x documentation and have just drafted the first version of the 4.x Local Setup page. Again, this is just a draft, so is not final and the specific instructions may change, especially in the first step.

All the same, please enjoy a 4 min video walking through the two documents as the Product Team is working very hard on finalizing 4.0!