Nursing and Social Security Division project and other CHT community led projects in Nepal

Since 2021, the Nursing and Social Security Division (NSSD) has partnered with Medic to design, build and deploy the first CHT Android based app to support community health nurses (CHNs) and community health officers (CHOs) to provide doorstep care in Nepal. Under the NSSD project, 39 community health nurses working in three municipalities have been trained and are involved in conducting baseline health screening, they also provide care and refer suspected cases to facilities. 3 community health officers who are based at the municipality level use the app to oversee and manage the community health nurses and they also verify reports submitted by CHNs. To date, already the baseline survey and reproductive and maternal child health workflows have been deployed.

As a CHT technical partner and a member of the technical working group at the ministry of health, the SunyaEK team is also involved in supporting the NSSD project, the SunyaEK team has supported the building of family planning and antenatal workflows which have so far been deployed to complement the original maternal neonatal child health workflows. In addition to the NSSD project, the SunyaEK team is currently supporting the following projects and research studies in Nepal:

  • For the Metropolitan healthcare model, the SunyaEK team has built a CHT tool which is currently being used by healthcare workers to collect health baseline survey data and plans are underway to integrate CHT with the facility based system (OpenMRS).
  • The SunyaEK team has also developed an app powered by CHT that is currently being used to support a randomized controlled trial on antimicrobial resistance, 18 nurses are supporting the trial and 1,000 households have been enrolled in the trial.
  • In 2022, the SunyaEK team supported the Possible Health team to transition from using the SAAS based community health system to CHT, 44 community health nurses and community health volunteers were migrated to CHT, trained and they will be using the CHT app to provide community health services.

Thank you Dr. Niraj (, @kunwarl and @sanjay for the insightful presentation, here is the recording of the presentation. The CHT community is looking forward to getting more updates about the NSSD project scale up and other CHT Nepal community led deployments


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