May 2024 Round-up recording and notes

Thank you for your participation and insightful contributions at the May 2024 Round-up call. You can access the call recording here, sharing here also the May 2024 Round-up slide deck and below are summarized notes from the call.

Agenda 1 - CHT countdown widget enhancement.
In CHT, it is possible to configure a countdown visual widget to support users (CHWs) to count the number of breaths per minute. In previous CHT versions (versions <4.7.1); when including the countdown timer widget, there was no way to ensure that the widget was actually used when filling the form . For the past few months, Living Goods Developers have worked on a solution that made the countdown-timer widget a mandatory field and used the ‘’trigger type of question’’ to support countdown timer appearance.

To configure the updated CHT countdown timer, App Developers are required to make the following changes to the XLSForm: add a new column labelled namespaces on the ‘settings’ tab, set its value as the instance URL, on the “survey” tab of the same XLSForm, add a timer as a trigger field with the appearance set to countdown time and set the custom duration. The feature documentation is now available to guide App Developers on how they can configure the countdown timer. Thank you @sheila_abby and the LG team for your contribution to the CHT and for the great presentation, this feature will ensure that CHWs are now able to collect accurate data.

Agenda 2 - Empowering supervisors.
In many community health deployments, supervisors usually manage multiple community health units (CHUs). The Care team has been working on a supervisor feature that allows one to associate one supervisor with multiple CHUs. A supervisor with multiple CHUs has an updated view which shows the CHUs a supervisor is associated with but it does not show the list of CHW areas beneath the CHUs. To find a specific CHW, supervisors have to tap on the specific CHU in the list to access the profile page, the CHW areas view list will be displayed, from there a supervisor is able to select a specific CHW. On the tasks and report pages; supervisors are able to view all content related to all CHWs. Additional level of breadcrumbs has been added to make it easier to see which CHU the CHW belongs to. On the target page, individual (supervisor) targets will continue to work as normal while aggregate targets will be disabled. The aggregate targets will be addressed in future CHT releases. You can read more about the supervisor app improvements here.

Agenda 3 - App performance updates.
The Care team has also been working on improving performance of CHT for health care workers. To make it easier to measure and evaluate the CHT app performance, the Care team added apdex scoring on several pages to help evaluate the performance of the CHT apps based on how fast different pages are loading. The Care team has been using apdex to quantify the performance improvements. The first area the team has worked on is to speed up the list view of the contact page and they were able to make significant improvements, the baseline had a score of 0.68 (poor) and this has increased to 0.91 (good). The team also worked on speeding up the detailed view of the contact page, the speed of this page is usually dependent on specific project configuration; the configuration that the team used had CHW area>>household>>people. The configuration also had complicated contact summaries and condition cards. The results from the testing showed that the CHW area profile page improved from 0.76 (fair) to 0.88 (good), for the household profile the score improved from 0.63 (poor) to 0.78 (fair) and for the person (contact) it was an excellent performance (improved from 0.99 to 1.00). These simulated tests were run on a physical device with low specs (2GB RAM), more details about these tests are available in this forum post.

Agenda 4 - CHT navigation updates.
The Care team is currently working on the last changes of the CHT UI evolution to align to material design patterns. The upcoming changes include moving the tabs to the bottom, the top bar will have the page name and the menu is going to be a drawer which is more similar to other android experiences. The Care team would like to collaborate with partners to test the new designs to determine which changes will need additional support and training for a more seamless transition. Please reach out to @Nicole_Orlowski and @leah if you are interested in collaborating on this.

Agenda 5 - Changes to the CHT sync.
The Ecosystem team has made changes to the CHT sync, the team has introduced Redis to CHT sync. This is an in-memory store built to speed up the initial sync process. The performance gains that Redis provides is important for projects that have many records and will be migrating from cough2pg and to CHT sync. The team is still testing this change and will be sharing more updates with the community.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the next CHT Round-up on June 13, 2024