January 2022 CHT Round-up call recording and notes

We hope you enjoyed the great discussions and the community presentations at the January CHT Roundup call. Find attached the call recording and the summarized notes from the call.


  1. Community presentations on:
    a) Deploying AfyaSTAT in a fully offline environment.
    b) Two-way texting intervention.

  2. Product updates

    a) CHT COVID-19 vaccine workflow

  • The Medic team has designed and developed a COVID-19 vaccine reference app to demonstrate the CHT capacity to support COVID-19 vaccination workflow

  • The emphasis is to equip Community Health workers (CHWs) with different scenarios and information to help them encourage patients to get vaccinated. The language provided by WHO was used to design the workflow.

  • Placeholder in-app targets have been configured, community members are free to redesign and configure vaccination targets that meet their requirements.

  • The COVID-19 reference app and other reference apps code is available in public repositories. Community members are free to fork the repo, create a copy of the repo and proceed to make any changes that meet their requirements.

  • COVID-19 Vaccination reference app code is available in this repository

    b) Supporting CHT core learnability

  • The Medic team has received feedback from Technical and implementing partners that upgrading is difficult especially when the upgrade comes with UI changes because this will require in-person training for users.

  • The team is testing a concept of in-app tutorial cards on upgrade to understand if CHWs/users can begin to use new features on their own.

  • The usability testing with users is ongoing and the results will be published on the forum when complete.

    c) CHT version 3.14 will be out by Mid February 2022. New features and improvements in 3.14:

  • Sync UI improvements- this will improve the progress feedback of the syncing process.

  • Tab labels will be displayed on small screens- No need to change the minimum width in the android settings to make the tab labels to be displayed on small screens.

  • Lots of bug fixes.

  • Enketo upgrade moved to CHT v4.0

    d) Spot-check on CHT 4.0 development- tentative timeline is end of Q1 2022.

  • CHT is currently launched on MedicOS, on CHT v4.0 there will be a shift to using Docker and docker-compose.

  • Advantages of using Docker and docker-compose:

    • It will be possible to have full control of the Node.js version CHT is running on. This will ensure that each project is using a supported and maintained version of Node.js.
    • It will be possible to add more containers. Every Medic app and processes will have a container hooked on motoring to help in debugging and provide more information to users. Containerization will make it easier to manage large deployments.
    • Docker images and docker compose will be built in CI for every release.
    • It will be easier for TP to onboard their support staff.

3. Sharing feedback with the CHT community

  • We went through the feedback and questions community members shared on our First CHT round-up call and here are updates of our progress:

  • Improving the test harness documentation- There is an existing issue on that and the team is planning on working on the proposed improvements. Community members should feel free to contribute to the test harness documentation improvements.

  • The team is working on how user friendly reports can be displayed on CHT and exploring how the user account security features can be strengthened.

We hope to see you again at the next CHT round-up call