Improve test-harness documentation

Describe the current documentation challenge

  1. The documentation should have a demo.
  2. The documentation is more a technical so it doesn’t define the basic concepts for beginners( I recommend to have all the basic concepts explained with some examples followed by demos of particular testing areas i.e contact summary, targets, injecting form inputs etc.)
  3. It is also crucial to have a well defined documentation of switching from one role to another in cases where different subjects are sharing data.
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Welcome to the forum @Simon_Kihara and thank you for proposing these improvements.

We have an existing GitHub issue to integrate the existing test harness documentation which is generated using JSDocs into something more user-friendly on the docs site. I have added a link to this forum post on that issue, as well as a summary of the improvements you have suggested.

If you would like to contribute to our docs site by working on this documentation, I highly encourage it. We have a guide on contributing to the CHT documentation here, and you can always reach out in case you need support.