Deploying AfyaSTAT in a fully offline environment- community story presented in January's CHT round-up call

AfyaSTAT is an integrated mobile app powered by the Community Health Toolkit, the app is designed to support delivery of integrated HIV preventive and treatment services in the community and facility settings. The app is interoperable with KenyaEMR ( a flavour of OpenMRS) which allows for bidirectional data exchange between AfyaSTAT and KenyaEMR.

In January’s CHT round-up call, the Palladium Kenya team shared with community members their learnings and experience deploying AfyaSTAT in a fully offline environment. Thank you @ojwangantony, @Lavatsaleo, Bernard Ajwang, @chesterosoronyas, @andrineM and Dennis Rono for sharing valuable insights of how CHT can be deployed in a fully offline environment. The CHT community is committed to supporting this mode of deployment in settings with limited resources.

Here is the recording of the AfyaSTAT fully offline setup presentation

If you have any questions or comments about this work, please post them here.

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Thanks for posting this @antony! A big congratulations to Palladium Kenya team for these AfyaSTAT offline deployments. I’m really excited to see this scale out and help out however I can!