How to pass last form data to a new one accessible in the Contact tab


Is there a way to pass the data to a form accessible in the Contact tab?
I’m able to do it with the followup forms in the task tab by modifying the context.
I want to do it also in the contact tab, by sending the data of past consultations.
For exempl, pass some data of last pregnancy form submited to new pregnancy form after delivery.

The best method for passing data generated from other app forms into a new app form that is launched from a contact’s profile page on the “People” tab is via the contact-summary context.

A good realistic example of using a contact summary is the one for pregnancy in the default config. Among other things, that contact-summary config sets the pregnancy_uuid value in the contact-summary context when a new pregnancy report is submitted for the contact. Subsequent forms for that patient can then reference the pregnancy data for the patient using that pregnancy_uuid value (e.g. the pregnancy_danger_sign_follow_up form).