How can I debug the values of a XForm in progress?

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When creating a new form or debugging a deployed one it is useful to see the values being calculated in the XForm. It is possible to create debug notes showing these fields, but it requires uploading a modified form which can be cumbersome and not ideal for a live project.

What is the best way to see these values without changing the form?

  1. Open the browser’s developer console
  2. Turn on angular’s dev mode: angular.reloadWithDebugInfo();
  3. Then get the xform…
  • from an Action form
  • or from a Person or Place form

In 3.7.0 the Action Person and/or Place commands change.

From the contacts tab

  • angular.element('/*/div[id=report-form]/*/form').scope().$parent.contactsReportCtrl.form.getModel().getStr()

Person or Place

  • angular.element('/*/div[id=report-form]/*/form').scope().$parent.contactsEditCtrl.enketoContact.formInstance.getModel().getStr();

From the reports tab

  • angular.element('/*/div[id=report-form]/*/form').scope().$parent.reportsAddCtrl.form.getModel().getStr()
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As of 3.9.0 this is much easier. Once the form is loaded, open the developer console in your browser and type window.debugFormModel(). (issue)

For versions 3.7.0 to 3.9.0, refer to this answer from @Nick

For versions earlier than 3.7.0 use this answer


For an action form triggered by a task, in 3.8.1:

  • angular.element('/*/div[id=report-form]/*/form').scope().$parent.tasksContentCtrl.form.getModel().getStr()
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This does not seem to be working anymore. Tested in 3.11.0, 3.14.0:

VM243:1 Uncaught TypeError: window.debugFormModel is not a function
    at <anonymous>:1:8

Is there another way to debug a form?

Please try window.CHTCore.debugFormModel

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