Feature Removal: Opting out of two UI changes

We are planning to remove support for two permissions that allowed you to “opt out” of a few specific UI changes. If you have any users with either of these two permissions, they are viewing an old version of the UI that will be removed soon. Please let us know if you are using either of these.

  • can_view_old_filter_and_search (introduced in 3.17.0)
  • can_view_old_action_bar (introduced in 4.2.0)

When is this happening

Ideally these permissions will be removed in a release late Q3 or early Q4 2024, but we want to be mindful of how this will impact projects so we are reaching out now to learn more. If you have concerns with this timeline, please reach out immediately.

Why we are removing them

The CHT UI has been undergoing an evolution to make it easier for CHWs to learn and use, and the final step of this evolution updates the way Navigation works in the app. It’s a pretty significant change but is critical for learnability and long term scalability. Before we start work on the Navigation updates, we’d like to remove the old permissions and code.

While technically it could be possible to support many versions of the UI, it becomes very complicated to maintain, bloats the codebase, and increases the likelihood of bugs existing. Additionally, there are just some combinations of the old UI that cannot work conceptually with some components of the updated UI. But the main reason is to reduce code complexity to ensure an excellent, bug-free, user experience.

Where can you learn more

Join a round-up call, respond to this forum post, or reach out to one of us directly.

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