EOI: Africa-based Digital Health Entrepreneurs to Expand Tools for Community Health

In partnership with PATH/Digital Square with funding from Bayer Foundation and USAID, Medic has launched an EOI aimed at helping entrepreneurs more easily access financing, technical resources, and opportunities for scale. Through this EOI, qualifying respondents will become part of a continent-wide list that will be shared with donors, investors and implementing partners world-wide. Pending availability of resources, Digital Square will offer to qualifying respondents an organizational capacity self-assessment tool that supports organizations in becoming direct recipients of USAID funding, and be used to mobilize resources among a broader set of partners to support organizational capacity development and facilitate becoming direct recipients of international funding sources.

Additionally, a subset of respondents will be invited to participate in the first round of a DHE funded request for a grant application to:

  • Expand your current product offering by leveraging the Community Health Toolkit (CHT), specifically for entrepreneurs located and/or supporting work in Kenya, Mali, Niger and/or Uganda.
  • Develop your organizational capacity according to your priorities, including initiatives that unlock new grant funding opportunities from bilateral, multilateral, and private philanthropic donors; and;
  • Gain exposure to local government buyers of digital tools, as well as other investors in the global health community.

Learn more and submit your interest here! Deadline August 12th

For questions, reach out to myself or @samuel


Such a great opportunity! Excited to see where the community takes this.

Thanks for the opportunity. Looking forward to this and seeing this increasing Community Health Tool usage.

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