May 2023 CHT Round-up call recording and notes

Thank you for sparing some time to join the May 2023 Round-up call. Here is a link to the recording of the call and below is a summary of notes from the call.

Agenda 1: Community story presentation by MOH Uganda team on implementation of Uganda national Electronic Community Health Information System.

Agenda 2: Product initiatives and updates
a) CHT UI Changes
Alongside the recent changes being made to CHT’s user interface, a couple of screens will be removed.Some of the screens include the welcome screen, configuration wizard and the guided tour.The welcome and configuration wizard screens are shown when somebody first logged in and they were intended for desktop and admin users but most projects would disable the screens.The guided tour screen is a step by step guide of the main features of the CHT. The self paced learning that was the aim of the guided tour will be enabled in 4.2 by remote training capabilities like the training cards. To find out more on the removed screens and why they were removed, find the information here.

b) CHT Telemetry
Telemetry that is incorporated in the CHT gives detailed information on technical aspects of the CHT. To gain more insightful data on how users use different components of the CHT, the care team is working to update the already available telemetry so as to enable path exploration and on-screen taps among other items.

c) CHT Watchdog
Previously referred to as CHT Monitoring and Alerting.Alerts are built in and actionable to avoid downtime.Based off the monitoring API built into the CHT, the key metrics that are being tracked, those alerts will be fired before the push notifications are set up. The push notifications can come in the form of emails,slack notifications,SMSs or any other medium that is configured depending on the deployment. Some of the key metrics include couch2pg backlog, outbound push backlog,sentinel backlog,server time accurate, users over replication limit,api server down,client feedback/error rate,DB conflicts rate,message delivery rate among others.These built in metrics can be extended to accommodate the needs of a deployment. Read more on how to set up the CHT watchdog here and find the CHT watchdog Github repo here.

Agenda 3:Community Health Entrepreneurship Accelerator program updates.
Through the Bayer Foundation-funded Digital Health Ecosystem (DHE) project, PATH and Medic are supporting four Africa based organizations to expand their digital health tools for community health and explore sustainable business models. We were privileged to have the four organization introduce themselves to the CHT community:

  • POSH IT- This is a Kenyan based company that specializes in developing customized technology solutions that address the specific needs and challenges in business. Through the accelerator, the team will design and build a tool that will support CHVs in preventing, detecting, diagnosing and treating malaria.

  • IntelliSOFT- Kenyan based company with focus in digital health solutions.They provide Health Information Management System services.Through the accelerator program,IntelliSOFT will work on a pharmacovigilance use case and Mama Hub Digital Adaptation tool(digitized maternal child health booklet) documentation.

  • Brink Innovation - Brink Innovation is a Kenyan based company whose focus is user centered design to solve problems, design products and services.Through the accelerator, the team will develop a use case around community health surveillance and share its innovations such as RADA with the CHT community.

  • Guild Digital - Ugandan based company with focus in building highly customizable digital health global goods.Through the accelerator program, Guild Digital will build a Supervisor application that will be deployed in a refugee setting.

The organizations have made great progress in the accelerator and are looking forward to sharing their findings and their work with the CHT community.