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CHT Core Framework 4.0.0 development kickoff

I’m excited to announced we’ve started development on CHT Core Framework v4.0.0! This will feature a brand new deployment architecture featuring per-process containerization. The major impact this has is to allow horizontal scalability of API and CouchDB, which significantly increases the number of users a single instance can support (more on this coming soon).

At the same time we will be updating the supported devices matrix to remove support for Android 4.4 phones. 4.4 does not support modern encryption standards and has not been supported or updated by Google for the last four years so it can no longer be considered secure. This change means we can guarantee a high level of encryption and benefit from modern features and performance improvements on all devices.

Now is the time to start finding and replacing these phones so that your project is ready to upgrade to 4.0.0 early next year.