What would you like to know about how health workers use the CHT?

We are looking into some capabilities around product usage analytics so that we can learn more about how health workers are interacting with the CHT. This will help us identify which features are being used most and least often, which features they might be struggling to use, and even features that are being used in unexpected ways.

Below are some examples of things we’re interested in learning. What other types of things would you like to know about how users are interacting with the CHT?


How do users access and complete tasks?

Are they typically going to the Contacts tab, searching for the household, selecting a person and tapping on the task from there? Or are they going to the Tasks tab and scrolling to find the appropriate task for the household and completing from there? How much scrolling do they have to do on the Tasks tab to find the task they are completing?

Where do users go when abandoning certain actions?

If a form is abandoned without completing it, is there a screen that they usually go to immediately after? Or do they immediately start a different form? Do they later come back a submit the original form too?

How often are users accessing certain tabs?

Are users viewing the Targets tab regularly or only at the end of the month during monthly meetings (for example)? Do users commonly try to tap on/into specific Targets? What % of time do they spend on each tab?

Does the app work the way users expect it to?

Is the app not responsive enough so that users tap on certain areas many times before the app responds? Are they commonly tapping in areas that are not designed to do anything?

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Would we be able to know how much time users take to complete particular tasks? and when there are multiple or competing tasks, which ones they complete/respond to immediately and which ones wait?

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Great thanks @Evelyn_Waweru !

When you say “tasks”, are you talking about tasks as in going to the Tasks tab in the CHT, tapping on a Task, and completing the form? Or are you thinking about something else?

OK… so are you talking about if the user goes to the Tasks tab, sees a list of all available tasks, what order do they complete them in?

Is it out of scope to consider “How does the CHT get used” instead of “how CHWs use the CHT” for this effort?

I ask for two reasons:

  • sometimes we develop features that are accessible via an an API (eg bulk upload API)
  • sometimes we develop a feature that is in the admin area of the ap p(eg bulk user upload)

For all the features we develop for CHT app admins, knowing if they’re being used and how often, would be really helpful in measuring the impact of our work!

(side note: some of this could be derived from access logs, but if were aggregated automatically with a built in tool, this would be MUCH better).