We're excited to announce the release of v4.0.0 of CHT Core Framework

New features include significant scalability improvements through a new software architecture, an updated forms engine with new options for form building, and a new server startup progress screen.

It is highly recommend that all new deployments use this version to make upgrading in future much easier.

As this is a major release it includes some breaking changes you need to be aware of before upgrading. Please read the release notes for full details. The upgrading and hosting documentation is under development, as are additional tools to make upgrading as easy as possible. In the meantime please reach out below to get assistance with your upgrade.

Following our support policy, version 3.15.0 is no longer supported. Projects running these versions should start planning to upgrade in the near future. For more details read our software support documentation.

Check out our roadmap to see what we’re working on next.


Outstanding, will this fix all known Enketo bugs?

It does resolve quite a few Enketo issues. Was there a specific bug you were interested in?

the biggest issue for me was the fact that empty calculate fields in a form were set to 0 per default.
The other is that calculate fields inside a group do not even exist, if the group is not triggered.

Amazing! Kudos to the product team for the job well done!

Yes, this is fixed in 4.0.0 (tracking issue).

I’m not sure about this one. Possibly it was tracked by this issue?

This release is a massive step forward for the community, nice work! :raised_hands: :partying_face:


@gkesh did we use this version for our recent implementations ? We noticed the sync was much slower in comparison to the previous version. Please check in with teams here

cc @nitin @niraj @gaarimasharma