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We need to serve the Internet offline

Designing offline-first web applications has long been a central technical concern for the CHT. Medic started using couchDB in 2010 for its great sync capabilities, and I’ve benefited greatly from following the conversation on offline-first design patterns. One of the early contributors to the CHT went on to co-found, along with Alex Feyerke who in 2013 wrote this great A List Apart article on offline first. Not long after that Google started more heavily promoting Progressive Web Apps, which includes a focus on supporting offline first–their PWA resources are great.

From time to time I come across older and newer articles on the topic, and thought it would be nice to have a Topic on the CHT forum to share them. The most recent one that came to my attention discusses peer to peer sync and Tangerine, data collection software which has been used quite widely by people we know at RTI (more in education than in health). Tangerine has a lot in common technically with the CHT Core Framework and I thought the article was pretty cool.

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