Updating the name in previously submitted report after contact name gets changed

In one of our deployments, we have the following case.
We had household survey forms filled out for all households. Initially, the household had a name: ABC's Household (170). Then CHWs created a household survey form, so, the household survey form has the name ABC's Household (170) in it.

However, after a couple of months now, there’s a request that the household number be edited (in our case, household number 170 got changed to 175), so the household name would change accordingly to ABC's Household (175). If we’re creating new reports for this household, those reports will contain a name ABC's household (175). But, for reports that were submitted earlier, it doesn’t get changed.

What’s the best way to update all those reports with older names to newer names ? We’ve tens of thousands of households and reports, so manually changing is not a way here.

One should generally avoid depending on non ‘_id’ fields as they can be updated. Are these reports being reviewed as-is on a CHT instance or could they be extracted via Postgres where you could join the reports to the updated contacts?

There are some old (and archived) data manipulation recipes that could be modified to fit your needs medic-bulk-utils/BulkEditingCookbook.md at master · medic/medic-bulk-utils · GitHub