Trouble with username and password of the medicmobile android app

i am vijaya
i have downloaded the medic mobile android app in my android mobile from the google play store.but i am not able to open as i am having trouble with username and password .can anyone help with out to get username and password. and i also generated a apk file of the app in android studio, i have successfully installed the app in my mobile from the generated apk file, but the same trouble with username and password happened again.can you please help me out with this.
thank you

Hi Vijaya, welcome to the community.

Have you requested a demo account yet? If not you can do it from here: Get In Touch — Community Health Toolkit

After you get the credentials, enter the URL of the demo instance by selecting the Custom option that you get on the first screen when you open the app. Then you can enter the credentials.

If you have already selected option other than Custom and can’t get to the initial screen anymore, you can either reinstall the app or clear the storage from Android app settings.


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Hi Vijaya,

Thank you for signing up for a personal demo account. I’ve shared with you a URL and login credentials over email. Please feel free to reach out with any questions!

hello shreya

above is the link for the question which i have and not able to find

it would be grateful if i can get answer for this




Hi Vijaya,

Thanks for sharing. It looks like Max has shared some responses. Please feel free to post any additional questions on that thread and we’ll continue to respond there. Thanks!

thank you shreya for your response
i am glad



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