Translations not working when using repeat groups with dynamic repeat count

Describe the Bug
When using a repeat group with the repeat count set to a dynamic field, the text inside the repeat group appears in English even though the language is set to Nepali.

How To Reproduce The Issue

  1. Add an integer field
  2. Create a repeat group
  3. Set repeat_count to the integer from step 1
  4. Add at least two languages: en and ne
  5. Set the CHT app language to ne
  6. Open the form in CHT and enter an integer
  7. The repeat section is now visible but the content is in en

Expected Behavior
The content inside the repeat section should be in ne.



  • Instance: Local
  • Browser: Chrome
  • Client platform: Windows
  • App: webapp
  • Version: 3.14.0 (working fine on 3.13.0)

Additional Context

  • The language it picks inside the repeat section seems to be alphabetically the first one from the form labels. e.g. If it is label:en and label:ne, it picks en. But if it is label:ne and label:nf, it picks ne.
  • If you set a default value for the count, it shows the correct language for the repeats loaded at first. If you increase the count, the subsequent repeats fall back to incorrect language.
  • It works fine when using repeats without specifying the count (using + button)
  • The form used above is available here.

Thanks to @sahaniarun for confirming that it was working in 3.9.0 and broke after updating to the newer version.


Thank you for reporting!
I created an issue in CHT-Core to track this:

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Also observed this. Thanks Binod for reporting:


This has been fixed with 3.14.1. Thanks!