Tombstone doc removal in 4.3.x

This question pertains more to downstream impact.
Since the removal of the tombstone docs, which signify document deletion, the seemingly only way to determine if an entry has been deleted is to check the _changes API on CouchDB, specifically the ‘deleted’ boolean as outlined in their documentation.
For context, we use these tombstones to signify if certain records should be omitted from reports.
Is this the expected method of tracking deletions for downstream tie-ins?

We also relied on these tombstones for tracking who deleted what. As mentioned in this thread, we were able to identify that a user at one point deleted their own hierarchy person (which was really useful).
Is this detail now lost, or is there another way to obtain this information?

Hi @Anro

Tombstones were only meant to be used for a specific part of replication, they caused many errors and even downtime for some instances. they were never meant to be used outside of their reduced scope, even though they seemingly carried relevant information.

Checking deletions should be done using the _changes feed, as you’ve already talked about, and you can get more information about the deletion using the haproxy log.

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