Telemetry questions about the Contacts Tab / Search

I’m looking into telemetry related to search on the Contacts tab. I want to understand how often each type of search is being performed. I’ve found these telemetry fields in my project but can’t really tell what each of these mean from a user interaction perspective:

Telemetry Field What it represents
search:contacts ??
search:contacts:search When a user types in a search term in the search bar on contacts tab?
search:contacts:search:types ??
search:contacts:types I’m assuming this happens every time the contacts tab loads/refreshes

Can someone help decipher these for me?

(Here’s a similar post but for the reports tab)

Hi @michael

search:contacts:search:types is recorded when you search for a contact in an enketo dropdown that requires a specific type of contact, or when you what to search for a contact on the messages tab, to send a new message.

I can’t find any occurrence for search:contacts. Is this an entry that you see commonly and in recent telemetry documents?

RE: search:contacts:search:types

That’s helpful, thanks!

RE: search:contacts

They are very infrequent, but I’ve seen them in: 4.1, 3.15, and 3.14

Here’s an example of one I saw in 3.15, from January 2023.

"search:contacts": {
    "max": 294822.9000000004,
    "min": 6638.799999999814,
    "sum": 301461.7000000002,
    "count": 2,
    "sumsqr": 86964616029.85022
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