Community Health Toolkit

Tasks for online users

Documentation clearly states that Tasks are only available to users of type restricted to their place, which are offline users.

Release 3.8 included some significant Task (and Target) features. I just want to confirm that even with the new features, it’s still not possible for Online users to have Tasks.

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Hello @michael. That is correct! The task and target system is designed for offline-first users who may go many weeks without access to a server. Therefore, tasks and targets are calculated directly on the device from the documents that are available locally. Online users just don’t fit this architecture well (even after the re-design). Since their data is unscoped, having them caculate tasks/targets the same way has intense bandwidth requirements which is deemed prohibitive. So we’ve just turned it off… It is unclear if online users will ever have tasks/targets until we understand clear scenarios to support for them.

One feature we have talked about is enabling online users to “browser” the tasks that are visible to other users. Or to view the targets which are displayed on other users devices. This would be fairly easy to implement, but it’s value is unclear.