Do you have online-only users? How are they using the CHT?

The CHT caters to both offline and online users. While the majority of CHT users are offline users, we’d like to learn more about how projects are using online user roles.

Does your project have online users? If so… can you share a brief summary about those users such as: how many online users does the project currently have (actual, not planned) and what is their main duty/role in the CHT?

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Hi @michael ,
We have 2 online only users, whose primary role is supervision. They have 10 and 14 offline users to supervise their reports. The supervision role for these users is unique however. Our online user’s role is to review the reports submitted by CHNs briefly for any data entry issues that are not covered by app’s constraint settings.

On an average, 24 offline users are submitting 903 forms per day. Dividing that in equal propertion to 2 online users leaves them 380 and 520 records to review each day. Since this project is in rapid data collection phase of houeholds and different forms, they are reviewing reports briefly for validation.

Except for the pm/admin account for user management et place création we do not actualy use online users.

Got it, thanks @bamatic.