Targets updated to align with Material Design

To improve learnability and scalability, the CHT user interface is being updated to align with Android Material Design Patterns.

I’m excited to share that we recently completed work on updating Target widgets to align with Material Design’s Card components.

  • The update will be included in the 4.5.0 release
  • Target widgets are now split into two distinct content areas
  • For Targets that have a goal, unmet targets will now show in black instead of red
  • The update to coloring affects individual targets as well as aggregate/supervisor targets


Hello, the supervisors to CHP needs a superset database at least to be easier to download the data captured by the CHPs. More specifically the CHAs. With this, they can easily know where to tackle and even come up with various interventions to solve the problems related to health in the community. The current report landing page has very few imdicators.

Hi @desmond_wafula … we’d love to hear more.

These are configurable based on your project’s needs, so you should be able to add whatever you need.

  1. Have you found some limitations to what you can configure?
  2. Would aggregate targets solve your need?
  3. Is there a secondary use for the data outside of the CHT (ie why do they need to download data)?