Community Health Toolkit

Supporting variable target goals for different contexts

Your organization: Medic Mobile

What other organizations would benefit from this: Implementing / Technical

Describe the feature:

We are working on designing improvements to the CHT’s targets feature and we love to hear from you.

The focus is on the ability to make the target goal variable. Currently, the goal is specified as a constant value that applies across the users of that target. Conceptually, this enhancement should take into account factors that characterize the different contexts within a single deployment and to allow setting up different target goals for the different users in those different contexts. How does this resonate with you?

  1. Do you have a pain point touching on this? For example, needing different target goals for different users, groups of users, etc. We would like to hear about it.
  2. Do you envision or have a workflow that could capitalize on varying target goals and how would or do you go about the programmatic implementation of it?
  3. Any programmatic considerations that would touch on this that we can learn from?
  4. Have you implemented in one way or another something similar to this? Please share examples.

There are four ways of looking at this at the moment that could translate to phased improvements. We would like to factor in needs on the ground coupled with real-life circumstances early on in the design process. I am listing those here to help with brainstorming so please feel free to entertain ideas beyond what is listed below.

  • Varying target goals for community health workers as informed by demographic, population differences as well as data points collected in the app that is specific to the community health workers’ catchment areas.
  • Ability for supervisors and program managers to be able to set target goals themselves for community health workers and supervisors respectively from the app.
  • Being able to set target goals that update depending on what time or period of the year it is.
  • Ability to dynamically calculate using the information available in the app, what the target goal should be over a given period of time.

This features quite a bit in the Supervisor CHW Performance Monitoring discussion. @hhornung you specifically provide some good context in your comment

I am interested to hear more of your thoughts and the initial thinking here and if it aligns with your vision.