Stored values of skipped questions


I noticed that in CHT 4.x, if you select an option, go forward with the flow and then decide to come back, some questions that can’t be deselected, e.g. select ones in radio buttons, they will still be selected.
So if you go past a radio button question, then go back to correct something, or even in the same page, and this radio button disappears, questions that have this radio button in their relevance will still be shown. Is there a way to clear radio buttons or avoid this behaviour? I think on CHT 3.x it was different (could be wrong)

hi @magp18 !

I this sounds like you’ve hit a known issue with 4.x: “Answers to non-relevant questions in forms are not immediately cleared with new Enekto”. We’re still working on a fix for this coming in a future 4.x version.


Great! Didn’t notice it was already known, thank you!

@magp18 thanks for bringing this up! There are some tricky edge cases with the form behavior, so I appreciate hearing about anything that seems unexpected here!

I have done my best to document all the known changes to form behavior in the upgrade guide.