Session save for the form

Dear team,

  1. Have any one tried saving the session of questionnaire and resuming back to where is left other than review and edit. ( questionnaire are bit longer and takes more than the usual time).
    Will appreciate your input.

cc @Arun_Sahani @nitin @kunwarl @binod

I might be wrong, but @Jennifer_Quesada I thought this was something you had looking into (at least a little bit)?

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Hi @sanjay

Currently we don’t support a “continue later” feature when filling up reports. Some people has made the report’s questions (fields) optional, so the user can submit and later edit the report; another option is to split the report into smaller reports, however we understand it’s not always possible.

For a feature like this there are a number of considerations like managing multiple statuses (started, completed, etc), update tasks and targets to trigger and resolve appropriately, etc.